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  • Jayne;
    I still use my scroll saw quite a bit. I made these 5 tissue box covers just before a craft slae last week and four of them sold so I will be making some more soon.

    I am not sure what could be done with Santa face cookies that you mentioned when incorporating...
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  • Tor

    I have heard that dying wood is not a good choice but natural colored wood dowels are available . Here is one source. If anyone knows some more sources please pass on a link to suppliers.

    I had thought...
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  • Yes, it is a vase or better known as a bud vase or weed pot because it doesn't hold water. The hole in the top is just 5/8" diameter and about 5.5 inches deep . Just used for dried or silk flowers. I took a side view of it to show the embelishments while playing around with the indexing...
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  • William Young (SE BC)
    started a topic A Litle More Indexing Practice

    A Litle More Indexing Practice

    Tried this one this afternoon.
    With this type the holes are just drilled in from the sides.
    I have heard that the most fun starts when drilling holes in from the bottom or the top and inserting long dowels. Then when turning something like this into shape the inserts become oval shape...
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  • The twelve perfectly spaced 1/4" ones are black walnut and the 1/2" center one is jarrah. Jarrah is very red but does not show well in the picture.
    The rest of it is birch burl. All woods were free for this one. All it cost was the price of the bottle stopper hardware and the...
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  • A Mini lathe doesn't take much more room than a scroll saw and runs just about as quiet....
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  • First Attemt With Indexing Feature

    This afternoon I got around to trying the indexing feature on my lathe. This is probably very basic compared to what can actually be done with it but it turned out I think quite good for a first try. It makes me glad that I got the indexing feature on my latest new lathe .
    Sure is amazing...
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  • William Young (SE BC)
    replied to Too Close For Comfort.
    I also had a craft sale scheduled for tomorrow (Sunday) in Yahk, BC about 35 miles from home. It is a very busy holiday long weekend here and both the Creston and Yahk sales would have been good ones . It has been cancelled because they have no power and don't expect any for several days. So this one...
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  • William Young (SE BC)
    started a topic Too Close For Comfort.

    Too Close For Comfort.

    I didn't go to the craft sale in Creston this morning. We had a tornado last night. Power went off at 6.00PM last night and just now came back on. Tornado's are unheard of in these mountain pass's . It blocked the road with trees across the highway and all over telephone and power lines just around...
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  • I also was hoping it was in jest. The number of exclamation marks behind it were probably what made me think otherwise . A smiley would have made me thought it was in jest.

    It is sometimes hard to interpret the written word.
    Anyway I am very thick skinned about such things...
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  • William Young (SE BC)
    replied to Way off topic.
    My wife is a quilter. She does everything on a standard Genome sewing machine although she has been hinting about getting a long arm one.
    She does everything from scratch including binding, batting and backing. She never takes anything out of the house to have it done .
    She started a...
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  • The first Celtic Knot pen I showed in this thread sold on the weekend at a craft sale. Out of 70 pens I had on display a lady just HAD to have that one right out of my pocket.
    I made another one with different woods yesterday and will make several more with more wood variations for the next craft...
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  • Knothead.
    It was not me or anyone else here that said anything like that about Americans. . Check the top of the message and it says where the information came from.

    Then the follow up that Mike Dingas put in were not comments from him either. They were ones from...
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  • William Young (SE BC)
    started a topic It's Tourist Time Again In Canada

    It's Tourist Time Again In Canada

    Once again Tourist Season is upon us, so be kind to the American Tourist -
    Hopefully he/she will spend money in Canada!

    The following questions/comments were directed to Canadian
    Park Wardens (by American tourists) at Banff National Park :

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  • William Young (SE BC)
    replied to Intertwined Captive Rings
    Hi Chuck;
    This is a follow up.
    In your previous question
    *I wonder how someone would finish something like that ? *
    And I answered with wipe on poly, well here is the second goblet shown here with a finish applied. I generally wait until I have a bunch of things to finish...
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