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    Hi Hank - thanks for your reply to my Cyclone Dust Collector post. It was interesting to hear of your experiences working between continents and I see from your solutions that inventiveness is a key attribute you have. I admit to sometimes getting a little bit frustrated when the resolution by many on this forum to the challenges they face is to run around to Home Depot or Lowes or call in at Rockler or goonline and purchase whatever they need to get them out of a situation. Don't get me wrong, I say this with no malice. If I were in their position I'd do the same.

    Living in Mexico is a challenge because you are very limited when it comes to sourcing materials or any type of specialized tool, especially when you need something quickly, but looking on the positive size this does lead to inventiveness and a large amount of lateral thinking which personally I find stimulating.

    In the past I've tended to post a lot of 'workaround' solutions to challenges I've faced and they have always been well received. I'm also a great believer in the fact that you don't need the best equipped workshop and the widest array of materials to work with to be able to produce excellent looking work.

    I've been practically AWOL from the forum the past 7 years after taking on a full-time job which had me away from home for around 80% of my time whilst charging around the world, but having now officially retired at least from full-time working I plan to reactivate my former self and contribute more to the forum.

    No doubt I will be shouting out for assistance as I need it and also offering my 2 pesos worth of advice when I can. I might even get back to posting some projects!

    Hope to see some of your work posted also.

    Stay safe!

  • leehljp
    Jim, your posts always make me laugh and you have great insight into problems and solutions too. Thanks for the kind words. World travelers are not all the same. I always enjoyed where I happened to be. My three girls (all grown) often take vacations together over seas somewhere and often take a friend or two who have never traveled. My wife and I love the stories of our daughters telling about their friends first time visit to a country overseas and laughing at their reactions more than listening to the descriptions of the places that they go.

    Thanks again Jim.
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