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  • Plum wood

    This is my first time here as I am not a woodworker I couldnt put two pieces of wood together. I am a regular on the carving section though and I put a post there this morning and after the fact realized I probably should have posted it here. I am looking to see if you had any suggestions for me in finishing this carving as to what to put on it once it is done. The wood is wild plum I am told and I dont want to cover up the beauty of the wood. You can read my post on General Carving for more info.
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Plum wood

    Colin - Take a small piece and try plain old clear kiwi shoe polish (the wax in a can). Rub it in real well, let it dry, and buff. It's simple, will bring out the grain and protect the wood (indoors). If it gets dusty, just rebuff it.


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      Re: Plum wood

      p.s. i've got a bleached basswood polar bear that i did about 9 or 10 years ago and finished it that way and is still perfect today. No yellowing or anything. I've also got a plum (tame) walking stick that I did in tung oil and it looks real good also, just a tad shiny for my taste, but figured it needed the extra protection for outdoor use. It is beautiful wood so take good care of it.



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