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  • General woodworking

    So does anyone do anyother woodworking out there? I think it would be cool to see what everyone else is working on when they are not carving. Any furniture makers or anything out there?

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    Re: General woodworking

    I have a pretty complete woodworking shop plus some welding equipment...but have to admit, been sidetracked by woodcarving!


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      Re: General woodworking

      well i guess like a lot of people on this board i dable in in lot of projects that involve wood- furniture building(pieces to fit,certain area and which is not commercially available) a little turning,may try a little scroll work, but like Hi Ho have sort of been preoccupied with carving


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        Re: General woodworking

        I've got a decent WWorking shop, well half a 2 car garage :P But I've finally saved enough to build a shop, hopefully before winter hits!

        In the past year since I started carving, I have done very little of anything else with the exception of a dozen or so picture frames (don't no dare tell my wife they can be carved > ) and a few odd pieces of furniture.


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          Re: General woodworking

          I like several of you have a fairly good shop setup. I make mostly dollhouses and whirligigs( wind powered toys), with a little carving to accent my pieces. When you have ten grandchildren and one one the way, it helps to make as many presents as possible.


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            Re: General woodworking

            Hi BobD,

            Don't check the other headings much but saw this note while catching up, it was fresh so I thought I'd reply.

            This past year I had begun 'trying' to improve my traditional woodworking skills. Since a car accident banged my old head and back up, I don't learn very quickly any more, but I tried. Funny, I can carve anything, but could never cut a board straight.

            Built a table/bench to hold my scroll saw first, and a sadder looking thing you'll never see. No two legs the same length or angle, all the supports/braces at different levels , but somehow, the top is level and steady and it works great. I even incorperated foot rests to steady myself while using it.

            Second project, I took a drawing from Woodsmith magazine and built a router table/bench from their design. This worked wonderfully. Looks much better and taught me a few good lessons in joinery. The most need a good table saw to do this stuff and my desk top bench table saw isn't much good. More dangerous and frustrating than useful.

            My third project is awaiting completion. Again from Woodsmith magazine, issue 151, I am trying to build a Fine Tool Chest, just the small one that sits on top of their floor model in the magazine, and will grace my work desk and hold all my carving tools. Making it out of Cherry and Maple , and bought enough wood to build two or three, (prepared for mistakes) I have the outside case made and the drawers cut out but not joined yet. I tried on my old saw and that didn't work, tried by router and that didn't work. So I traded a guy (a good woodworker) for a refurbished table saw, nice quality Craftsman, and gave him a rifle and a shotgun for it. I can't walk far enough to hunt any more , so what the hell. I'm just waiting for him to deliver the saw so I can cut the joints and slots for the bottoms and tracks for the slides.

            So, my woodworking skills have improved, now have a new bandsaw (a Laguna)and will have a new tablesaw to put them to better use. Kids gave me a new bench top lathe last Christmas, I still haven't used yet. So I'll get to try some turnings. Takes me a while to learn now, but I keep trying, good therapy the Doc tells me.




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              Re: General woodworking

              what kind of benchtop lathe did you get? been thinking of one of those for myself, the one with the extension you can put on if you need extra length...Delta and Jet makes them I think?


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                Re: General woodworking

                Think this is the first time I have been here I own a Shopsmith that is 5 tools in one but I am afraid I cannot put two pieces of wood together even though I would love to be able to. All I use my shopsmith for is to buff my carving tools pretty expensive buffing machine


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                  Re: General woodworking

                  Let me tell you about a great deal my hubby got on a Delta middi lathe from Lowe's. We found out through the salesman as the Woodcraft store Lowe's was having a close out on their middi lathes. Hubby called around to all the Lowe's in this area, there are about 20 or so, and found one for $150. He went to the store, it had some kind of part missing, the part that holds the wood to the lathe but he had that part from an old Shopsmith he got rid of, talked the guy down to $100 then got a coupon for a FREE extension! and I believe the normal cost is about $350 or more? So now every time we go into Lowe's or Home Depot he asks if they have anything they are trying to clear out and what the price is!!!!! Never hurts to ask! The most they can say is no! :

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