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wood finishing questions

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  • wood finishing questions

    I'm not sure which group to post this question in, so I'll shoot it off here. Ok, I'm making fishing lures out of cedar - musky/pike lures and wondering about finishing the wood. Look below for what I have in mind for finishing off a lure, start at wood read up.

    2 part expoxy - no question, I know what I'm using
    Paint - no question, I know what I'm using
    Primer - no question, I know what I'm using
    Sanding sealer - what products work for what I have in mind?
    Wood - no question, I know what I'm using

    What sanding sealer works best for priming/painting over?
    Would you suggest wet sanding as a part of a nice finish on a lure? If so, any pointers or how to-s on wet sanding? Any other suggestions on this finishing process?

    Thanks much - fb

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    Re: wood finishing questions

    I would try posting this in the General Carving section...

    I'll have a go at it, though... First a few questions...

    1. Do you want to be able to fish with them, or are they decorative?

    2. Are you painting them, wood burning them, or just leaving them natural.

    Actually, we have an article for WCI on carving lures in the works, so let me check...looks like our author just sprays them with clear coat...then again, he's not using them for fishing...

    Hope this helps

    Bob Duncan
    Associate Editor
    Wood Carving Illustrated.


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      Re: wood finishing questions

      If your putting that much effort into finishing them, I sure hope your not going to fish with them. One big pike or musky and they're gonna be tore up anyway. There's some lure making forums out thee, but don't remember where and have long since cleaned ujp my book marks. Just did a google search on
      lure making
      and got 38000 responses. One of them ought to be helpful.


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        Re: wood finishing questions

        I didn't read that closely...if you care about your finish, obviously you are not going to use them for fishing...sorry...Now I'm ashamed...



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