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  • Wedding Sign

    I said in late winter I was going to make a sign for my son's wedding. Becky thought I was crazy for working on it so early, but considering my current health issues, I am glad I finished early.
    Knew nothing about making a sign, but knew I could cut, so I jumped in--blind to some of the challenges I was creating.
    Got it in the frame (store bought Hobby Lobby) about a week before my cardiac surgery.
    This was from her shower today. Less than a month to go.

    20210926_111322.jpg 20210926_152740.jpg
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    Beautiful piece of work, and beautiful girl. May you and your family have many happy years ahead!

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      Excellent work, Jim. A project that can be cherished a lifetime!


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        That is a beautiful sign. Looks like it is much appreciated.
        ArtCrafters in Dayton, TN


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          Love it. A treasured memory.

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            Your lack of experience was overcome with this piece! Very very nice. And congrats!!!! Wishing you the best on your recovery. I think of you and your lovely wife every time I open the fridge and see the Arizona Quarter magnet you made me. It's an eye catcher. But seriously, you outdid yourself with that sign.
            Linda at


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