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    I'm new to the forum and decided to post one of my earlier projects. I've only been scrolling for about four months now and this is one I did for Mother's Day. The piece is 1 1/2 inches thick and due to my inexperience I allowed the blade to flex during the cuts. You can tell by the cuts along the bottom edge of the piece where the blade crossed over into the neighboring fret. I added a backer for stability. The piece was very delicate without the backer and there was no doubt it would have broken. The wood is pine and what I liked is the knot that traveled along the length of the piece. It was cut with a FD #5 Ultra Reverse. The pattern is from Steve Good's collection. Hope you enjoy.

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    Thanks for sharing, Nice work.


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      That is really well done, especially considering the wood and thickness. Pine has such a variation in the grain density, the blade loves to track along the soft stuff. Also the saw has to be perfectly aligned and the pushing sideways is a tendency I still fight after 17 years of cutting.
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        Pine is a softwood but not a easy wood to cut as Rolf said. You did very well with only limited experience. Be proud of that. Keep at it. I would recommend you cut that again in say 6 months once you have more experience. . A good wood choose for that would be soft maple.
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          Very pretty. You did an excellent job. Like Scott says, recut it in 6 months to see the difference. But I would choose cherry that has a pink tint to it.

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