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  • Cheese cutter

    Made this with Walnut ,Mahagony, Maple and Zebra wood. Applied 3 coats of bees wax and polished in between coats.

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    Very nice. Where did you buy your cheese cutter from?

    Don McFarland ​Member - Durham Woodworking Club


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      That is spectacular. The colors really stand out.
      ArtCrafters in Dayton, TN


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        Yup that is really nice! I would also like to know where you got the cutter.
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          Lovely piece of work Pete. That came out great. As with the others.. where did you locate the cheese cutter parts?

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          John Wayne


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            Not sure where Pete bought his, but looks like available at:

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              Well done. Like it! LOML would love for me to make her one, as would each of my daughters.

              One question: Where is the Zebra wood?
              Hank Lee
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                I bought the first 2 ( 1 small 1 large ) from Woodcraft but then I found cheese slicing company as posted by Floyd above, cheaper and still good service.


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                  Originally posted by leehljp View Post
                  Well done. Like it! LOML would love for me to make her one, as would each of my daughters.

                  One question: Where is the Zebra wood?
                  At the bottom of the cheese board only 1/2" strip to give me the withg required.


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                    That's just beautiful Pete. Excellent work. Thanks for sharing photo and source.
                    Melanie from East TN


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                      This will be added to Bruce's to do list for Christmas gifts, after the kitchen. I'll wait until then to tell him. Beautiful work.

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