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    As I mentioned in my "Speed Stegosaurus" post, I needed a couple of cars for a three-year old's birthday. Again, simplicity of construction, rounded corners, and ability to take abuse were the prime criteria. These now await paint.

    These are supposed to be the two family cars. And they do look like them, sorta. Kinda. Mostly. Without patterns or artistic ability I had to draw my own patterns freehand.

    After doing them wrong a couple of times, I find that I can make them fairly quickly - about 30 minutes with sanding. They are about 6 1/4" long, 2" wide, and about 2 1/4" high. A nice size for little girl hands. They were cut with a no. 7 skip tooth. I tried a no. 5 but they kept breaking. A key trick, I find, is to through bore the axle holes off a reference mark (fence), starting from squared blocks. This prevents embarrassing three-wheels-down-one-wheel high situations. Don't ask how I know this. The wheel wells are done with a forstner bit.

    I can see now how one becomes interested in embellishments - windows, doors, lights, etc. It is tempting, to be sure. But not for a preschooler.

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    Sure looks good especially for a 3 year old.
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      They look great. I like the inset wheel wells. If you have a wood burner you can outline some windows and doors if you want to embellish.
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