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  • TT3 project

    Trout Tracker 3 is the name of our boat..
    I'm making a 1/12th scale wooden replica of her.
    I've thought about doing this project for a long time and I'm finally going to attempt it...


    this is the front bow, I started there to give me some kind of idea on which way to go with the hull...
    this was an all day project, I don't know how many times I ran out to get measurements, then convert them to 1/12th scale and then make a some what pattern of it....


    I got a feeling that this project might take awhile...
    I would also like to keep this thread clean so I can update it with the progress of this project..

    wish me luck....

    to be continuted....
    Hawk G-4 Jetcraft
    Fish are food, not friends!

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    Well this looks exciting.
    I'll try to remain quiet unless something goes over the line, (I get the feeling it might)
    Looks like fun...
    Shhh...Trouts thread...

    The limits of the imagination are imaginary.
    No task is too tedious for Art.
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      your too funny Jim....
      I had to go make something just so I could reply to your reply...


      here's one of the bench seats...
      as you can see the upholstery and the color of the inside of the boat are really close in color....


      the base for the seat is cherry, I went with oak and maple for the seats.
      I'm hoping that the oak will offset the cherry in color??


      it even has storage....

      to be continued
      Hawk G-4 Jetcraft
      Fish are food, not friends!


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        That is really nice.


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          thanks Jellis, I hoping to pull this one off....

          this is for Jim...
          I trying to do an inlay of the strips that go down the side of the boat..
          I spent most of Saturday morning taking measurements but then finally got smart and took a picture and reduced it to a size that I wanted.


          even thou our boat is Burgundy, everyone says it looks brown on the water so I thought I would go with mahogany for the hull..


          this is my Practice piece and I'm not sure about the cherry for the strips?
          maybe maple for the lighter 2 strips? that would definitely help the cherry stick out more? maple strips?

          or should I go with Padauk with cherry strips...
          cherry is my ascent wood for most of the boat...

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          Hawk G-4 Jetcraft
          Fish are food, not friends!


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            I think I would go for maple on the yellow/gold color stripes and then aspen or holly for the white color.

            In God we trust, all others must pay cash!

            I don't want no bargains, they always cost me more money.


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              Trout - Great job so far!!!!
              I like the mahogany for the boats exterior. I think that it would look good with the cherry interior. I agree with you that the strips would stick out more with a lighter wood such as white maple or basswood.
              By the way, I showed my hubby the pictures of your boat. He restores antique wood boats in his spare time. He asked if I was going to make him a model of his boat for his b-day. My comment was - Ya right. In other words - dream on


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                I would go with basswood and aspen. Basswood finishes tan, and aspen stays pretty white. But definitely do not go with cherry. It will darken with exposure to light.
                I learned this a long time ago. I have pieces that I made long ago with cherry, mahogany, and walnut. They looked great at first. Now they're mostly just silhouettes with great detail unseen...

                The limits of the imagination are imaginary.
                No task is too tedious for Art.
                Rock and Scroll

                My Gallery

                My Website
                Featherwood Woodcrafts


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                  I did the inlay on the sides last week and then spent a good 18 hours this weekend putting it together and sanding down the bow...
                  it looks like the hull of our boat....


                  unfortunately it isn't right....


                  now that I think I have an idea on how to do it, I need to cut off the bow and sand down the bottom without doing damage to the sides and start over..

                  I sure wish I had a set of plans to follow....

                  Hawk G-4 Jetcraft
                  Fish are food, not friends!


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