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  • First project cut...

    The saw got here at 6pm yesterday and this got finished early hours of this morning. It's not 'rough' it is 'artistic'. lol

    It's the name of my granddaughter. Her brother is due the end of next month, I'll be asking his parents not to give him names that use A, B, D, O, P or Q.

    Those inside cuts were fun. Almost as much fun as trying to keep to the lines I'd drawn.

    The nameplate is resting on the ply packing piece that came with the saw. Would have been a cool touch if they'd printed some patterns on it. lol
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    Great art work!
    Your Granddaughter will look back at many years from now and really enjoy it.

    It's all fun
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      Nice work. Keep at it.

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        Your effort deserves praise, little more practice with inside cuts, and you will be saying to yourself....well done.
        Don't forget to sign and date it. Good luck to all involved with the upcoming arrival.
        Grandkids need toys, so keep scrolling. Thanks for sharing your photo.

        If you are looking for patterns Steve Good has lots of them at his site here in the pattern catalog. Free but donations welcomed.
        There's lots of patterns in the pattern vault made by other members who shared them with us here.
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          Thanks all. With it being a hand drawn pattern, I didn't care too much about going off the line, just wanted something to show the folks. They don't know how much it went off line.

          I've been messing about with some 3mm mdf and am not yet capable of following a curve properly. Getting better but imo am not ready to cut into something that isn't already scrap.

          I know a steady methodical approach is probably best but for now I just want to improvise and see what happens.



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            Nice! Keep at it and soon enough those inside cuts will be a breeze! Your granddaughter will cherish this when she's old enough to see the value of a handmade gift. Priceless!


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