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  • oppinions needed

    I have been making name plates as of late by request attached are some of them both finished and unfinished. My question is what would you charge for these? I assume it would be a per letter price as names vary in length.

    I cut them out and my wife asked the parents about the childs interests and adores them acordingly. Emily has an animal theme, Johnny willl have a sports theme and Kassie a princess theme when finished, etc.

    All comments considered and welcome.
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    This one didn't upload the first time......user error...
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      Mine are more plain than that and I begin at $3.00 per letter and go up from there. Those would be closer to$4.00-$5.00 per letter.
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        Sorry that I can't help you with pricing info but, just wanted you to know that
        they are well done!
        God Bless! Spirithorse


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          That is some very nice cutting. To me text is one of the least forgiving, all the defects just pop in text. Some of yours seem quite large, I would assume that they ar cut in multiple pieces.
          The decorating on them is beautiful, your wife is very talented.
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            The high of the letter is approx. 10" tall ( I try to keep it so it will fit on an 11 x17 paper).

            No they are all one piece not multiple pieces. I cut the whole name from one piece of finished plywood....

            Thanks for the pricing suggestions. All comments still welcome.


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              Nice cuts! I charge $30.00 for name plates with a shellac finish regardless of name length with or without a base. If I airbrush color an additional $10.00 and I never have problems selling work. However, I live in California. Hope this helps!


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                Thanks polemos21. These don't have stands as they are wall hangers. 10" tall and the longest one is 3' long. But the pricing is helpful thanks.


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