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The picture, the pattern, the end result

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  • The picture, the pattern, the end result

    My first attempt at a pattern and cutting. I photographed the hawk north of town several years ago. I'm not sure I'm pleased with results. I was hoping for a little more detail showing the feathers and the wings. I just couldn't seem to decide what to erase and what to leave in. Please give me an comments you might have so I can hopefully improve.

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    I think you did a nice job on the pattern and cutting. I'm not a designer so would not know where to begin on improving the pattern.
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      Nice work.


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        I think it's great just as you have designed it. Particularly considering it is such a
        distant photo. Great work all around.
        Thanks for sharing and God Bless! Spirithorse


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          looks like a dandy to me. The pattern is great and the cutting is very well done.
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            Dan, I think you did a great job on both, the pattern & cutting. If you wanted more detail, all I can think of is maybe elongate some of the feather markings, so they will show length in the feathers. It isn't necessary, but, if you want to change the pattern, I would make a different one to make changes on. Save the one you have here. I like it. I also did one of a Hawk that was in our back yard, but, I do mine with pencil to make the pattern. Good work, just keep at it. Thanks for showing us.


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