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  • Not sure yet what it is.

    I started this project on the lathe as just a simple box but somehow the lid ended up on the scroll saw. I wanted to just cut out a shape of a bunch of grapes but couldn't find a pattern I liked so I just drew one on it and cut it. It was splintering on the bottom because the top of the lid is domed some so I had to cut it with the top up which means there is about 9/16" between the bottom and the table. The solution was to put in a reverse blade upside down. The cut in the top didn't look right so now I'm attempting to cut grapes from purpleheart and leaves from poplar. I had cut the purpleheart with the leaves just to have more to hold onto.

    The vine is going to go around the bottom of the bowl if I can get enough heat and steam to get it to bend that much. I've had luck doing this on other projects but never tried it with walnut and never tried to bend a piece that much.
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