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48" boat finished

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  • 48" boat finished

    I posted this earlier now here is the finished boat and the drawing that started the project.
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    That reminds me, I'm going for a Pepsi. Be right back.
    WOWzers, that is super.
    When you put it in the water get some photos to post please.
    That is a super boat.
    Pacifism is great, as long as everyone is participating.


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      Great boat I've got a couple modified weed whacker engines that would make it scoot.
      May the wind at you back .....
      Not be from Lunch.

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        Impressive. Nice job.
        "Still Montana Mike"

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          Very nice boat!

          It's all fun
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            Very clean design.

            Power? Radio gear?

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              This was done on a dare. It will be powered by children power (the motors and electronics are too expensive for me). I figure I will just see how long it takes the children to sink it..... Just to be mean I filled it with expanable foam so they can damage it but I dont see it sinking....

              StephenD you are only the second person to notice the pepsi connection. Even I didnt see it.


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                Nancy in AZ
                A clean house is a sign of a broken scroll saw!


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                  Nice job...I love the idea of filling it with the will drive the kids nuts not being about to sink it....what woods did you use?


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                    Hawaiilad the interior skelton is made from 1/4" baltic birch and the exterior skin from 1/8" baltic birch. The progress pictures are under a title of "Scroll saw boat" under works in progress. It shows the interior and unpainted.
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