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Scroll saw boat

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  • Scroll saw boat

    This was done on a dare. Cutout completely with a scroll saw except for cutting dow a 5' x 5' sheet to 10" strips. When finished it will be red white and blue. it is 48" long.
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    Well that turned out nice so far. Since you are susceptible to dares. I dare ya to ship it to my house...
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      Looks good! What are you powering it with?

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        How very creative! I can't imagine trying to do something that long on a scroll saw! I'm assuming you did your own design? So are you going to fiberglass the outside or do something to make it water tight? I hope you have a good supply of really strong rubber bands!


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          Nice boat, where's the scroll sawn engine?

          BTW, such nice looking green grass too!

          Karl in Sunny Southwest Florida


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            that's super. looking forward to more photos.
            Pacifism is great, as long as everyone is participating.


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              Dared to ship to you. Ok I just e-mailed it did you get it?
              It will be child powered as the eletronics are to expensive for a novice R/Cer like me. Besides I want to see just how ling it takes my inlaws children to destroy it....

              The scroll sawed engine is inside didn't you see it? Oh shoot I forgot to photograph it darn.

              Fiberglass it? No I don't know how to work with fiber glass and heard that the vapors can be toxic (no sure about this though). To water proof it I have sealed all the joints with waterproof glue and then painted over them.

              Just to mess with the children I filled the interior with expandable foam so it will be almost impossable to sink......this will also help with the waterproofing.....


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                PatteM you mentioned the boat being long cuts for a scroll saw. I have a dremel scroll saw and I am able to take out the blade holders and turn them 90 degrees and set beside the saw. This makes it so I can cut long pieces as the back of the saw is now on the side not behind the blade. as long as I can support the piece I can continue to cut. In this case about 50 inches fo rthe sides and deck...


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                  Beautiful job! Very innovative work!

                  I have a dremel with the scroll saw attachment as well - you lost me on how you did this! ha ha!


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                    Very nice. I'd suggest a coat or two of epoxy to make it totally waterproof.
                    Mtnman Jim

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                      Diva it is a dremel scroll saw model 1800. The blade holders are held in by a screw that u need an Allen wrench to remove it with for replacement. If you take out these screws on both the top and bottom blade holders turn them 90 degrees and reinsert the screws the blade now faces the side of the saw not the front. With the blade now facing this way you can run your wood across the saw instead of into the saw and the back of the saw is not a factor any more. Am I explaining it so that it is understandable. May e if I had pictures. My saw and I are not in the same place right now or I would take some.


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