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    A long time friend of my family asked that I make some shelves for her grandkids. Her only request is that it be made out of oak. I told her I would make one from some scrap pine first so she could see what it looked like. Yesterday I picked up the shelf and some oak she had. She liked the shelf but then asked if I could do it so it would sit on a desk. She wasn't sure how well it would fasten to the walls of her daughters trailer house.

    I'm a little stymied as to how I could put feet on it. I first thought about turning everything upside down so the shelf was on the bottom. But my wife thinks then that the name is going to get covered up by whatever is on the shelf. I need some fresh ideas and/or perspective on this.

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    think table,to set on the desk. A table or bench is actualy what they are asking for.
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      You can make a flat base with a through dado. Make the base so it will fit in between the uprights on the ends of the shelf. Make your dado about 1/2" deep and you should be fine. I'd offset the groove in the base so it is near the back of the base to add more stability.

      Clear as mud...Look at this pic from my site. This base goes past the letters but you have the option as I described above .
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        First, don't necessarily give up on the wall mount. I don't know what kind of trailer they have, but it should have solid wood stud framing that would permit you to anchor the shelf securely. If there is 1/2" drywall on the walls, those plastic, screw type drywall anchors are great for relatively light loads. I use them all the time and wouldn't hesitate to use them for a small, decorative shelf like that, provided it wasn't loaded down with books or something else really heavy.

        Now, if you must abandon the wall mount concept, I would probably go all the way back to the drawing board, rather than try to modify what you already have. That's what prototypes are for. Like Jim said, design with the idea of the shelf being more like a (small) bench or table, then you will begin to see more options.

        Good luck!
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          Thanks guys, this gives me a little more to think about. Glenda's concern was if I started over I would need to do a new prototype because it may not look like what she has all ready seen.

          Mike, I like the dado idea. Just have a radial arm saw and no dado blades but I may be able to find someone who does have one

          Bill, I must admit I thought it a little odd that she didn't think the shelf would hold up on the walls of the trailer. May just talk to her again about that or call the daughter and ask her.

          Now that the golf ball to ping pong size hail storm has moved thru and we've dealt with insurance company in regards to my pickup and roof damage I can start getting things done in the garage again.



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