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  • fretarsia

    dont know if this has been done before, i was playing around and came upwith the idea of combing fret work and intarsia. iset out buy getting a few photos of a crappie and playing around with the pattern. i started with the body and cut the fret scales once i was satisfied i began cutting the pieces apart and shaping. the fines i decided to cut out and when glued back togther i will cut the frets (i hope). thanks for looking any comments welcome.
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    Way to think outside the traditional styles. Good job.
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      Love it...!!!
      How did you do the veining on the fins??
      Is that carving or intarsia??
      Very nice..!!!

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        Nice work, Funhater (do you have any other name we can use?), and an interesting combination of fretwork and intarsia.

        If you're curious about what other scrollers have been doing in related areas, check out Dick Miraglia's website, dickmiragliawildlife - Home. Dick does carved fretwork, and has some beautiful work posted. Also, Kim Braa does some interesting things with carving that you might want to look at.

        I love seeing new combinations of techniques, and I think you'll be taking this technique to some very interesting places. Congratulations!

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          Very nice. Doing it that way gives it a 3d look to it. Thanks for sharing your idea with us.

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            This is a very cool idea, looks great.



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              Excellent work.


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                I've started doing some combination work as well. I'm looking forward to seeing the FISHNIST product and more technique details.
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                  jim it is intasia i cut all those little buggers out.... the first attempt i did the frets first, bad idea!
                  handi you can call me anything you wish
                  this has been a real fun the only problem i seem to be having is im a profectionist and i keep changing things up


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                    well gotthe fins shaped and frets cut! very hair at times i cut them and shaped them then glued them back togther befor i did fret work...found out how important it is to get good clue coverage and now working on back ground
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                      I really like this. You sure did a good job making the pattern, and very good on the fretwork and shaping. Are you going to add any color to it?


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                        Your fish is looking good! I'm wondering as Fran did - will you add color?

                        To see another example of combining fretwork and intarsia, check out the masks in the latest issue of the magazine. I made them a couple of years ago - I would add more shaping if I did them again.




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