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    I built this 4'x4'x4' Chicken coop yesterday and today.. I got 7 Rhode Island Red Hens that will start laying eggs by September.. They r only 4 weeks old now.. My dad and I built it in sections and them just screwed them together in case we want to move the coop.. My idea since each side panel weighed around 75 lbs...
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    Nice coop and pen! I would like to have some chickens, but protecting them here in the desert is a major issue, as is the extreme heat in the summer.

    Also, my little doxy/terrier mix is an incredible predator and would be bringing dead chickens in through the doggy door as a present for me!

    Poor chickens would never be allowed out of the pen to wander the yard with this little brown dog stalking them.

    So, please keep posting pics of your hens as they grow, so I can enjoy them vicariously. LOL

    Nancy in AZ
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      Hey that's great Michael. It's been many years since I was on the farm, but I think RI's produce brown shell eggs--anybody out there know for sure? You are now an urban farmer, right?


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        Great pen. Chickens are fun and easy to take care of. We had four Golden Comets for about two years and when they started laying eggs, they laid at least one each day. We gave away way more than we could use. Our dog, a blue healer mix, actually helped to corral them if they strayed into the neighbor's yard.

        Have fun with them!
        Dan H

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