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small project for neighbor's son

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  • small project for neighbor's son

    This is in no may a difficult project but something I am cutting out of scrap plywood for a neighbors small son (about 3 years old). I used the scroll saw to cut the pieces and intarsia sanding methods to shape the hull and the canopy. Its pretty basic cutting.(very beginner if you compare it to the items posted elsewhere on this forum)

    I am not planning on painting it because of the discussions about liability with toys and children but maybe his dad and he can paint it for him.
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    Taking time to make a project for someone else to sweeeeet is that.
    Does it go in water, or make noise flapping on the floor? Either way, the toy will be enjoyed by your little friend. Thanks for posting your photos, always enjoy seeing what others are making in their shop.
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      The intent was to go in the tub or a pond but it needs to be painted if in the water. This is where I get worried (would make a nice father son paint project I thought). But now that you pointed it out flapping on the floor isn't a bad idea then it doesn;t have to be painted..... I knew it would be a good idea to put it up here... Thanks for the floor idea I hadn't thought about it like that....


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        Nicely done...acrylic paints are kid safe.
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