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    I finally got started on my Harley-Davidson motorcycle project...


    this is 3 nights worth of work, it wasn't to bad cutting it but it sure was a pain to get everything to fit the way it should. I had to do some modifacations so I hope everything will still fit down the road!

    frame1.jpg frame2.jpg

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    Looks interesting Trout.
    Keep us updated.

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      Looking good so far, a hard tail then? Well, not for you!<smile>


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        Looks good . What type of Harley is it?


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          I'm not into motorcycles so I really don't know what style it is??
          the motor just got out of the shop and it mesures 2 1/2 X 2 1/2 inches...

          motor1.jpg motor2.jpg motor3.jpg motorframe.jpg

          it's not perfect but your still looking at about 10 hours worth of work....
          and I still don't know what holds the motor to the frame??

          to be continued....

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            the problem with using a good camera is that it shows everything!
            that crank case cover and distributor housing is driving me crazy!!
            in person in looks fine but sucks in the picture!!!

            do I let it go or do I try and get it off without doing any damage and make a new one????

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              You are the master of details. I agree my camera also shows me all the things that I thought were perfect.
              I don't see what you think is wrong.?
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                Hi Trout - you certainly gave yourself something to chew on with this project! Its looking great so far.

                I can see what you mean about the crankcase cover and distributor housing. At high magnification they look a little off round but when you take into consideration their physical size I'm amazed at just how close you've got them to perfection. You're definitely the master of detail and as such your own worse critic but I'd say leave things as they are and proceed.

                As to how to attach the motor to the frame - you could try glue!
                Ok, that was lame! You'll figure it out....

                Looking forward to your progress
                Jim in Mexico

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                  Trout, Looking good! I know you have mentioned before on other models, where did you purchase your plans?
                  Engine looks good.

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                    the front fork and suspension....

                    fork1.jpg fork2.jpg fork3.jpg

                    I spent about 5 hours on this last night, everything was coming along nicely until around 11 pm when I broke it!
                    I spent 2 hours this morning fixing it so I wouldn't have to start all over, I don't know why they didn't do this in the first place..

                    I got to thinking about my comment about perfect parts, if anything it shows that I cut every piece! all those round parts started out square!

                    hey Eric, I got the pattern from CherryTree...

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                      tires done.....


                      NO..I'm not going CRAZY with this project..
                      this motorcycle will be one of my fair entries and I need to have it done by June and the more I get done now the better..
                      it will probably win 1st place in the wooden model division but I would like to win "Best of Show" and this is the best thing I have going right now..

                      I think I'm done for the day!
                      we'll see what gets made tomorrow....

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                        I love the work in progress pictures. You really are the master of details. I admire the work you do.

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                          This is better then watching Orange County project Trout!

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                            The master is back at work. Can't wait to see the end result.

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                              I need to get back in the shop!
                              I was on a great start and then my band saw blade broke!!
                              that was last Sunday when I was cutting the last piece of tire, it took 3 days to find a new one and by that time the excitement of the project was gone!
                              now that the saw has a new blade and all dialed in I'm ready to start cutting wood again!

                              I just need to make that first step in the shop...

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