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you must be sick of this.

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  • you must be sick of this.

    Sorry to keep bringing this one up. Even with tons of interruptions still finished before schedule. The stand was not in the original deal. I try to always have an extra surprise with custom orders.
    It's all made from the same piece of 1/2" red oak. The darker sections are stained mocha and the light are natural. The finish is Rustolium clear enamel
    The trivet also has hangers so it can be used as a picture frame if she likes.
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    Sweeeet........and please don't stop posting your creations, they are always interesting to see.
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      The Carol trivet is very nice.

      I also like the big Coors Lite trivet in the background along with the two little silver bullet trivets off on the side.


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        Hey Rob - never get tired of seeing your work.
        The trivet looks great as usual but what I really like is that neat stand.
        Thanks for showing us your backside - I mean the backside of your project of course!
        Jim in Mexico

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          Nicely done.....
          "Still Montana Mike"

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            I love everything you do and whenever your name comes up I eagerly look to see what new masterpiece you have created. I looked at your web site, amazing stuff you have there. Thanks for the compliments you paid to my facebook page on Wooden crafts from Wales. I tried to return a message but it all got a bit confusing. Thanks again.


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              Very nice cutting as always! Don't ever give up on that saw and keep posting...what would we do without you ? Thanks for sharing your fine backside...

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                I never get sick of seeing your stuff...

                I love the way you put hand made sawtooth hangers recessed on the top and side...
                Dem's tinkin'...

                Great stuff Rob...!!!!
                Keep it going....Always fun to see...!!!

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                  Looks Great ! You just keep on cutt'n & show us. We love your works. I like your hangers also. Good Job.


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                    It's those little exras that keep customers coming back - stand and handmade hangars! What a great idea and another great project from you.

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                      another great piece of ART done from wood great job


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                        wow thats so nice


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                          Nice work, very impressive.
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                            Well done! I love your idea of including a little extra!


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