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    Ok I know a lot of us make wood trivets but how many actually put hot pans on them on a regular basis? I had one woman complain about wood burning on some she got at a craft show. I use Spar varnish on mine and haven't heard any complaints and I do make a point of telling I will fix or repair free if they do burn. I would like to hear what others have discovered doing this!
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    I have been scrolling the Trivets for many years, and had always heard not to use any type of varnish or poly on them. I dip them in 100% Tung oil or mineral oil. They seal the wood and will not allow a pot to burn the wood. As far as using them, yep, we do and I know several of our kids do as well.


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      heres some i did for my superbowl party for all the hot dips. i used plain acrylic paint not knowing how it would hold up with heat but it was family and there pans not mine so why not try ha ha they worked great

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        With a wooden trivet, I would say that the risk of scorching & burning are part of the price you pay to have an item made from a natural material. I don't think there is any finish, available to the consumer, that will fully protect against the high heat of a pan right out of the oven or off the stove top. Some are better than others (and perhaps some woods are more heat resistant than others), but in my opinion, if it's hot enough to really scorch the wood, it's probably hot enough to damage just about any finish you can put on it. I wouldn't necessarily depend on a finish to protect the wood from high heat.

        That said, maybe consider putting a label on wooden trivets for sale, that says something like; "This trivet is made from a natural material and may be subject to scorching and burning when in contact with very hot items. Please use caution."
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          I have an oak trivet on the table that we have used for several years including pans right from the oven and it hasn't burned. It was soaked in mineral oil then let dry and buffed with a brown paper bag.


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            The ones i have made and tried to use poly, or lacquer or shellac have either scorched, turned the finish white or scratched. I now just use a tung oil mixture and that works pretty good. Disclaimers are always nice...some folks get turned off by them but it does help those out who actually receive (as in gifted) or purchase an item.
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