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  • Grampa 2011's Gun Dog

    I was finally able to finish Grampa 2011's Gun Dog. I started this and then some things came up and I was away from the saw. I enlarged the pattern so I could see some of the cutouts and because I don't have any small drill bits that would have been needed to do the smaller pattern. The wood was not my first choice but it was all that I had on hand. It is oak veneer. I did stack cut two of them. As you can see in the first photo I chipped the one that was on top. If I had been thinking I would've taped them together with the veneer facing each other. I apologize for the pictures my son is trying to learn how to take photos.

    Anway, thank you Grampa 2011 for an excellent pattern.

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    Very nice cutting in spite of the chipout. Since I usually mount my pictures on a backer, I glue the chipped piece back in place and no one is usually the wiser.

    As to the wire drill bits; try Mike's Workshop, Sloan's or a good hardware store if there is one near you. They are not expensive and in a drill press, last a long time. The only difficulty in using them is that you need a small chuck to hold them securely.

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