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Took on too much and now am discouraged. Help!

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  • Took on too much and now am discouraged. Help!

    I have only been scrolling for a few months. I plunged ahead on a few projects for Christmas presents from patterns... mainly puzzles and I have a close friend that is getting married so I wanted to make her something personalized for her. I have never used illustrator type computer programs and I have never made a pattern before but I wanted to design a clock for her wedding. That was a huge undertaking trying to figure out the program a little besides trying to come up with a plan.

    Anyway, she loves penguins and has loved them since she was a little girl and so I made this. It is cut but not sanded or oiled or anything. I have the back board behind it that I was going to cut. I wanted it to be a clock and now I'm discouraged. I obviously didn't think everything through and I don't want to waste what I've already done.

    My plan was to have it on the backer board and then put in clock hands. Well, I obviously I didn't think it through all the way because How can I put in clock hands because my penguins are too high. I am also worried about support of them since I only have a small area for the cross and if it goes in the middle it will dissect the cross and it won't be supported anymore. I thought about cutting plexiglass to put on the front after I cut the backer board. I'm lost, how can I complete this project and not have it be a waste and still look okay? Is it useless? I'm seeking advice. Thanks so much.
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    Don't give up we will come up with some suggestions for you. You may have to compromise a little on design. All is not lost. For one of your first projects you did a pretty good job. You may want to spend some time sanding the exterior and interior of the outside ring and remove some of the waviness. Pictures seem to enhance small flaws.
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      I think you could attach the backer and simply drill right through. Just be sure that there is glue on the piece that will be released from the rest of the design.
      Which by the way is a Great design...!!

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        After looking over your project several times. I agree, just finish sand it and glue on the backer then carefully drill your hole for the stem of the clock. I think you will be fine to off set it, just a little to the left of the cross upright to get into some solid wood. I think I would drill from the front to the rear of the project to avoid tear out on the face of your project.

        Once again don't give up. Do keep us informed. Take your time it will turn out nice.
        "Still Montana Mike"

        "Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."
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          Siouxgirl, glue the backer on, then measure the thickness so you can tell whomever you order the clockworks from how thick it is. Then they will know what length the stem should be. Tell them you want the large washer that goes over the stem under the nut that holds the works in place. Place the hands and you should be o.k.
          Klockit - The World's Leading Clock Parts and Clock Movements Supplier for Over 39 Years is very helpful when ordering your clock parts. Forgot to mention, find the exact center of the face before drilling the hole.
          Good luck.
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            The only problem looks to be is the center hole will intersect the cross at some point, which would leave it hanging in the air.
            So yes, you would need to glue on a backer board, say maybe 1/8 wood, and then glue the piece of the cross which needs support ,,, Making sure it sits flush with the rest of the project.
            You could also possibly glue in some center pieces in the 0's and such. If you want the background black, simply spray paint the backer black.
            As already suggested, you should take some time to reduce waviness. A dremel with a light grit barrel attachment would work well for this.
            You could also take it to another level, and get a nice and square block of walnut or other premium contrasting wood. Cut out a circle that the clock will fit snugly in, that would look pretty stunning ,, And would also tend to cover some of the waviness.
            Not that it doesn't look great already or needs any other embellishments ,,, But with these things, sometimes letting the imagination get carried away pays off.
            If you do decide to try something like that, you can just trace the outline on the board, and cut on the inside of the line. It'll take some sanding to get it to fit perfectly, but better to do that than to over cut, in which case it would be ruined.


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              I agree with everyone, paint the backer board several coats of black and then glue the clock to the backer board. Then carefully drill and mount the clock. Of course this is to be done after you have sanded and finished the clock.
              Nice job.
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                You did a outstanding job on this considering your experence . I totally agree with the backer and the above comments. They are going to love it

                Be sure to give us a final picture when your done love to see it
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                  I would take the advice given, but be careful drilling your center hole. I would make a top piece of scrap wood to drill though first. (i.e. scrap wood - work piece - backer board sandwich)

                  Be careful the type of drill bit you use as well. Some can be aggressive and tear out your pattern. You could start with a small bit and work your way up to the right size bit.

                  Be sure you glue all those small parts around the middle to your backer board to prevent breaking.

                  Karl in Sunny Southwest Florida


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                    Love your clock design, very creative!

                    I agree that a little more sanding to smooth out a few wavy places on the outer ring is needed. I use a large emery board, like the nail salons use, to smooth out small bumps. The board has a rough and a fine side, so you can get a smooth result in a short time. I have cut narrow strips out of them to reach in tight places, too.

                    Yes, yes, yes glue the clock to the backer board, making especially sure you get an even coat on the cross that will be drilled for the clock hands.

                    Your gift will be treasured, for sure!

                    Nancy in AZ
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                      I agree with the Fix others have given you...I just wanted to say I think you did a really good job of designing and cutting your clock face. I'm sure they will love the gift.


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                        Well you sure came up with something creative. I'm sure your friend will love it.
                        Hope you get all the problems worked. I would hate to see it be wasted, too, as it will be so cute if you can get the kinks out.


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                          That is a wonderful design. I would change my focus. I would make it a front of an album or something. Cut off the numbers, keep the important part of the design. Just a thought.
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                            I would cut off all of the numbers on the outside sand and round over the edge. And then put in another smaller clock movement in a blank area.
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                              I agree with your advice for the different things you need to do for a finish product. Smoooth it a little. Something for the clock mount, I would suggest cutting a small piece of the cross where the clock stem will be & be sure you mount the clock on the backer board, if you can't mount the nut on the outer face of your clock. Not sure if a washer would cover that area that you cut out for the stem. I think you have a great design & very original too. If you do another project with this type of font, be sure you have each piece of the lettering attached, so it is not a blank hole. (like the center of an e or an o. You don't want the center to fall out. Your friends will love you for the gift & I hope you can make it work for you. I think it is great.
                              GOOD LUCK


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