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  • Megan

    452 cuts later, my most intricate and challenging project to date (I just started scrolling last month)... one of our kitties, Megan.
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    Very impressive undertaking for a novice. You have achieved great things grasshopper.
    "Still Montana Mike"

    "Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."
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      well done!


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        Very very nice..!!!
        I like the way the whiskers came out..It almost looks 3-D....

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        No task is too tedious for Art.
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          Thank you all... I've found that I really enjoy fretwork, especially my own design and pattern. And no one knows when you make a mistake!


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            That is very nice Megan.
            FD Mike
            SD Mike


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              Wow! Very nice job.


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                Very nice month you say...seems like you have this scrolling down pretty darn isn't it. Looks just one of the many, many cats we have and feed around here.


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                  Very nice Megan. You did a fine job & I love your frame work. It really sets it off. Nice Job.


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                    I should probably say, my cat's name is Megan... My name is Tim.... LOL


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                      Reply to Blue Heron
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                      Wow! - this a stunning piece!

                      In particular the head is so lifelike it feels like if you got too close to this bird he (or she) would reach out and nip you with its beak....
                      Today, 11:52 AM
                    • planeur
                      Reply to Blue Heron
                      by planeur
                      Hello Jo,
                      It is me again , and after a close look of you Heron, WOW so much details and fine cuts. Was it a gift ?
                      Just found the cie which sell the pattern ( in canada )

                      Have a good day.

                      Today, 11:15 AM
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                      Hi all -

                      Around the beginning of year I mentioned in a post that I was looking at ways to extend my existing workshop space to give me room to accommodate a midi lathe I had bought and to also allow me to undertake smallish carpentry projects in addition to scrollsaw work. Well, I finally
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                      Anyone hear from Jim Finn? He is from Texas.
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                      Welcome from North Carolina. I like you dust collection solution. Merci for sharing it. By the way Bonjour and Merci is about all I remember from high school French which was for than a 1/2 century ago, :-)
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