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  • a dragon plaque

    i just got finished with it, well im not done i need to sand it and might stain it and put a back on it. i learned alot, most importantly not to rush i tend to push the wood thru, been breaking blades, but here it is
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    Look at the progress you are making already. You should be very pleased. Keep up the good work.
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      thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! i was surprised i did so good know where i want to improve but that will come with practise. i lifted the back of the scroll up like someone suggested on here and it worked like a charm. plus i forced myself not to rush, that is a major problem for me, at spots i did and you could tell but i am learning not to. i cant wait to get the conversion kit so i can use pinless and better blades.
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        Very nice project. Looks like a nice piece of pine(?). Once you can use pinless blades and your blade choices increase dramatically you will see a significant amount of improvement in your projects.

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          i think it is pine im not sure i totally forgot. it was the first time cutting with this wood i have been cutting with popular. i dont like this wood as much it chipped and broke off easier


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            Way to go! Making progress. Keep it up!

            Karl in Sunny Southwest Florida


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              Looking Good!! Everyone wants to push the wood when they frist start out and Popular is easyer to cut then Pine. Lance


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                Massive leap from your first attempts flagrl, keep it up.
                The Journey Is Everything.


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                  Super job! I like that pattern too. I have cut a few of those and folks really like em.
                  Pacifism is great, as long as everyone is participating.


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