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    Made this for my dad, birch plywood. I was desperate to finish by Christmas, so I owe my wife big for letting me out of doing dishes for that push at the end.

    The ground/hill was fun to cut. I mostly free-handed it to save time (again, frantic to finish by Christmas), using the pattern as a loose guide. There's something very liberating about ignoring the lines and just letting it flow.

    Sorry about the poor lighting in the pic. I'd take another one but the camera is waaay over there in another room and I'm weighed down by too many Christmas cookies.
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    Simply awesome work. Understand about free-hand as I have great trouble sticking to any pattern. And because I'm not a business scroller, I don't do multiples of anything.

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      That's really neat, lloydf ! You did a super job on it. Are you going to frame it? I'm about have way with mine, but, not rushed. I'm cutting a double for the first time. I guess I could have picked an easier one for that, HA. I have had some problems with the 1/4" ply warping. It isn't bad though. I will take care of that when I frame it. Thanks for showing us.


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        Great job! I know what you mean about not following the lines.
        Dan H

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          Great cutting! I change every portrait just a bit. Sometimes to add a bit more detail, or, like you said, go with the flow. I'll bet your dad loved it! Thanks for posting!



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            Lloyd you did a great job. I bet you made dad proud.
            Creator of fine designer sawdust.


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              Great work. I'm sure he'll enjoy!
              Rick- Out of the Woods


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                that really does look fantastic!

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                  You sure did a great job on that cutting. It's a fantastic pattern and I've cut it myself.
                  I'm sure your Dad will proudly display it.

                  Ray F


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                    Great cutting Lloyd. I have this on my to-do list. I usually stack cut 3 of something like this using 1/8th" wood. I keep one, sell another and give one away . Thanks for sharing.
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