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My 1st project...

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  • My 1st project...

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    That was a pretty big undertaking. Nicely done. Is this a family member? If so they will be amazed. As a novice scroller you must learn that the recipient of your work will never see the pattern, only the end product. They have no idea of how it may have been cut differently, only what they see before them.
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      BTredway,At frist I was going to laugh,but then I cliked the picture.Brought it up in size so I could see it.Very well done! Lance


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        Not a darn thing wrong with that!!! Keep posting pix,
        May the wind at you back .....
        Not be from Lunch.

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          Very nice...I don't think you will find anyone laughing at it for sure.


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            Wood-n-things: Yeah, it's my brother-in-law. My wife swears he'll have a scroll saw within a week of receiving the gift


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              Not bad at all, you use a spiral ?


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                Looks good from here also ......just keep your head out of the clouds and keep scrolling ..........MB
                Usually busier than a cat in a sandbox !!!!!!!!!!! MB { Dewalt 788 only }


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                  That's fantastic! Wow, I don't know what it is you thought anyone could laugh at, for sure! Did you make your pattern, as well? He has very twinkly eyes -- makes your work come alive.


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                    Looks great. No luaghing here.
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                      If you could see my first projects, then you'd have something to laugh at...

                      That's a pretty exceptional piece, especially for a first...!!!
                      Very nicely done...!!!!

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                        Nice work you did a verygood job especially the eyes.Thanks for sharing


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                          lol-lol-lol-it looks like me. Just kidding. Really good job and you should be proud. dogs


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                            PatteM: Did you make your pattern, as well?

                            Yeah, I made the pattern months ago, thinking I was gonna get my workshop ready sooner....

                            PS. Thanks to all for the nice comments.


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