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  • Firetruck

    Here is one of my projects to give away around christmas to a 2 year old twin and their 5 year old brother. It is based on the truck in the book 'Making Heirloom Toys' from Jim Makowicki, but with several designchanges to the cabin and the pump/firehose. I also made the wheels a bit wider, aspecially on the back so it looks more robust.

    Still need to add bumpers and fenders, but almost done. With 45 cm long it is quite a heavy toy. I made it from beech which adds to the weight, it is now around 1,5 kg.

    Your comments are welcome because this is my first serious project and would like to hear some opinions.

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    Coming along very nicely.

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      Very well done DR. It looks like it will become a family heirloom. The larger wheels on the back make it look like a heavier truck



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        Fenders and bumpers were added, along with 2 coats of clear lacquer. It turned out with a nice glow.

        Thanks for looking.
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          nice job, that's a great looking fire truck Bob....

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            Nice clean job, well done.
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              Very nice job on construction and design changes Dr. Bob. Excellent choice of wood and finish. They will both stand up to a lot of use of the years. That is a great book of projects.

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                Nice looking truck Bob.
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                  Beautiful workmanship! Those kids will love them!
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                    Great Work

                    Great Job Doc will you paint or put on a clear finish.
                    What sort of timber is it made from ! In Australia there is a lot of hard wood milled, although there is also native pine forests here as well.
                    Toys and models are my thing. If you don't mind me asking where could I obtain the plans of the fire engine or is it done from your own design. I would like to make it for my grandson of which there are two so that would be two fire engines.
                    This is only the start of my journey with this forum I have ententions of putting some pics up of my past projects and a little about them.

                    Have a happy and safe christmas Doc to you and you family Col


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