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  • suggestions of plaque

    I recently was asked to make a plaque from a drawning for a co-worker this is how he wanted it. However I get the feeling that it needs something else. Can anyone offer sugestions?

    It is 13" by 17" in size made from 1/4" baltic Birch plywood. I stained the back with natural #209 and the instruments with golden oak for contrast, under the star burst is blue felt and it has a 1/8" BB backer to seal the flet in place.
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    How about the lodge or temple number for the masons.
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      First off it looks pretty Great...!!
      I like Mike's idea, but my first thought was some kind of frame...
      Beautiful though...!!!

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        Lodge number thats a good idea .... I though about the frame idea but he wanted the top arched and I don't know how I would make a curved frame... Is there a trick to it?


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          Originally posted by HAMMER View Post
          Lodge number thats a good idea .... I though about the frame idea but he wanted the top arched and I don't know how I would make a curved frame... Is there a trick to it?
          Hammer nice looking piece. I agree about the number.
          A frame will be no problem. Cut it to match like cutting a box wall.
          I attached a pick to show what i mean. Again Nice cutting.
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            G'day Hammer,
            Excellent piece. I agree that something above the tools in the centre, like a Lodge number would really set it of.
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              I see what you are doing with the frame. I think I understand and can do that Thanks. I am going to try it. Both he numbers and the frame....

              I knew you guy were the ones to ask.....


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