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type of wood & felt ??

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  • type of wood & felt ??

    Making this hockey picture for my oldest grandson. (Blackhawk fan).

    I am thinking about using red felt for the backer. What is the best way to attach the felt to the wood?

    Also I got the wood from my cousin who lost her husband. I was thinking it is oak but the grain looks different. It looks like saw marks but I planed about 3/8" off and the marks are still there. Kind of hard to see in the pictures but some places there is an X pattern. Any ideas?

    The pattern of the hockey man is from Sue Mey and the Chicago name is taken from a pattern of Steve Good. Thanks
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    Nice work! The wood looks like oak to me. As for the backer, I think the felt will look nice. If I were to attach it, I'd sandwich the felt between the work and a backer board.
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      I cut my felt or other color material just slightly larger then the cut out area and then apply a few drops of glue to hold it in place.
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        I've tried spray adhesive on the back of the workpiece, with the project lying face down on a piece of wax paper, but the glue still gets around the inside of the cuts and later attracts dust.

        Now I use aileens clear tacky glue and add drops sparingly around the workpiece and press flat.
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          I use a glue stick when I use a felt backer. I can get 3 glue sticks for a $1 at the dollar store.
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            The Wooden Teddy Bear sells Felt with adhesive back for $1.99 for a 9" X 12" piece in several different colors. I purchased several and like how they work.

            Sorry, checked the site and it is $1.75 plus shpg.


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              Maybe I don't exactly under stand. But, if you want the felt ONLY on the back and not too see through, then you could use Flocking Fibers. I use it on the bottoms of various small items. Only maker I know of is Donjer. I used it in school about 50 years ago then forgot it for 49 years [lol]. Really lets you get felt exactly where you want. comes in many colors. Local WC store carries it.

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                Thanks I was just thinking what is the best way to attach felt to the board. Yes I will be attaching felt all over the back side to show in all the holes.

                Any answers as to the kind of wood I have? And what the marks in the wood are?


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                  The marks in the wood appear to be natural grain of the wood. That looks alot like a piece of chestnut I just finished planing down and sanding. You can't feel those ridges can you?

                  he does want the felt to show through the project it is what we refer to as a backer.
                  "Still Montana Mike"

                  "Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."
                  Mike's Wood-n-Things LLC


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                    Wood= No you can't feel any ridges and I planed about 3/8" form the board and the grain looked the same from start to finish. Looks like saw marks but it isn't.


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                      I would suggest rather than using a piece of felt, get yourself a piece of matt board from a craft store of framing shop. It comes in a batrillion and three colors and styles. The velvet matt board is real nice and is somewhat ridgid, with the matt board its easy to glue it on because its flat, or it could be stapled on, or attached with a few teeny screws or brads. if it ever becomes damaged, it would be easy to replace too.
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                        Looks like it is probably oak to me and I think the checkering comes from being quarter-saw wood.
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