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  • Workshop in progress

    This is my workshop today...emptied out of everything. I have everything over on the deck behind the house covered up with tarps.
    Work on the shop starts in the morning. The building is 12x16.
    We're going to add to and update the electrical. The outlets in there now ARE grounded so that is a good thing. I'd have to completely strip it all out and start over if they weren't but at least they are grounded.
    There will be new lighting. I had 2 of those shop lights but I don't like those. I always have trouble keeping them things working so I've already taken those down and gave them away.
    The pictures show two sides and the upper part.....I actually have 3 small on each of 3 sides and the door on the 4th side.
    I'm going to insulate it, put up walls, a ceiling, a new subfloor with linoleum in a light color. The carpenter picked out some linoleum for me, I hope it's a light color. I told him to get something in a light color.
    I want to paint the walls and ceiling in a light color, too.
    I am so excited. I can't wait to see it develope.
    I have to decide where I'm going to place my tools.
    Bandsaw and scrollsaw (when I get the scrollsaw, will be out in the middle I suppose) and other tools around the sides.
    I have a router, miter, drill press. But some wall space will be taken up by shelving and peg boards.
    Anyway, just thought I'd post that at least I'm getting it started tomorrow! The carpenter/electrician will be here in the morning! whoohoo!

    If anybody has any tips or suggestions....I'm open to take them into consideration!
    I would like for this shop to be functional and work well. It is so small it is going to have to be well organized.
    Oh, yeah, I am going to try and find a corner for a small fridge for drinks/snacks. No beer cokes only. (Workshop with a fridge...I might live out there).
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    Well it is a great start.
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      good for you! My shop is 10 by 12 so yours sounds large to me.
      You will probably need some work benches and those are great projects. I sure enjoyed building mine.
      Enjoy, it is a grand adventure.
      Pacifism is great, as long as everyone is participating.


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        Originally posted by stephenD View Post
        good for you! My shop is 10 by 12 so yours sounds large to me.
        You will probably need some work benches and those are great projects. I sure enjoyed building mine.
        Enjoy, it is a grand adventure.
        Definitely. I have some tacky old tables but sure would like to upgrade those.
        I have a bathroom cabinet that didn't work out somewhere else due to the size so I kept it and put it in the shop. I bought a big board for the top at Lowe's and it made a nice cabinet for the drill press. It has those 2 false drawer fronts so I'm going to try and remove those and make drawers for those spots.
        I want to be able to use every available space in this shop.
        I am a very impatient person and all this waiting is killing me. I want it done now, want my scrollsaw now.


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          Thanks for showing us your shop, I hope you keep posting pictures.

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            I like your idea of painting the walls and ceiling a light color. The brighter the better. I would suggest bright white as you can never have to much light in your shop.

            Another suggestion is to install lots of electrical outlets to add flexability in tool placement.

            Good luck and have fun laying out your new shop.
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              what are you using for the walls? i used 3/4 inch chipboard for mine that way i dont need to find a stud if i want to hang something


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                Originally posted by Greenfield_Bob View Post
                Thanks for showing us your shop, I hope you keep posting pictures.

                I will as it progresses.
                I hope it turns out like I envision it.


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                  Originally posted by widget View Post
                  what are you using for the walls? i used 3/4 inch chipboard for mine that way i dont need to find a stud if i want to hang something
                  I think that is what the carpenter suggested.
                  Will that paint well??
                  I want it painted in a very light white.


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                    Great looking start. I did my shop walls and ceiling with OSB. Some folks call it chip board. If you use it make sure to install smooth side out. It paints OK. I would recommend priming it with oil based Kilz and them follow up with two coats of flat or semi gloss white latex.

                    The attached pic was taken while still under construction but the ceiling had been painted.
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                      Getting a good start there.


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                        The outlets have already been mentioned. (never enough) I put in a GFCI outlet at the beginning of my loop so all the rest were protected.
                        I would paint the walls with a semi gloss, much easier to clean the dust off than on flat paint.
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                          I agree Rolf, I would use a semi-gloss too. That dust will cling to it if it is flat latex. I was lucky with my work bench. My daughter in law had a drawer filled waterbed base to give me. I put one side of the base on the bottom & the other side of the bed, base on top of that one & covered the top with ply. Worked great. Ready made drawers & cabinet space. I would suggest putting your saw etc. on casters, so you can move it whenever you want too. The outlets are # 1, make sure you have plenty. Good luck & keep us posted.


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                            Here's an update on workshop progress.
                            I still haven't been able to get the electrician over here but carpenter is working around it. He knows how to do that and the electrician will still be able to get things hooked up.
                            The electrician has committed to be here in the morning.

                            Thanks for all the suggestions. I never would have thought about paint making a difference. So I'll definitely use the semi-gloss.
                            I am so excited. I can't wait to see it finished.
                            One thing I've got all my tools over on the deck covered up.
                            We haven't had much rain so I think everything is staying dry but I'm anxious to get everything back inside. I'll have to paint before I can put it back in there but the room is so small I don't think it will take me long to do it.

                            Just went out there and it is going to be "tight"!
                            Already don't feel any wind or hear any outside noise and he doesn't even have all the insulation up yet.
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                              He's got alot done. Here's couple of pics. Got the walls and ceiling up.
                              The electrician is supposed to be here in the morning.

                              I can't wait til it's done and I can get all my stuff back in there. It's raining here but supposed to stop about midnight tonight.
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