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Turkey napkin holder

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  • Turkey napkin holder

    Not sure what the category is for this...3D intarsia? I wanted to do something for Thanksgiving and stumbled on the pattern on this site (Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts - Fall-themed Napkin Holders).

    To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what the wood types are; I just went to a local wood supply shop and he let me dig through his scrap pile and even planed a few pieces for me. I think the dark wood is sapele (sp?), then I believe maple (or birch?) for the head and feathers and ash (?) for the feet and beak.

    It's my first attempt at fitting different types of wood together, and I had a rough time with it. I gotta say, cutting to fit is nerve-racking . I'm still learning to cut on the line, and I don't want to make it worse having to make the cut again when there are gaps, especially with curves (like the head and body). Also, I didn't plan the tail feather cuts very well and didn't have much leverage when I went back to cut them to fit. In the places where I had it fitting as best I could without making it worse, my dirty secret to filling the gaps between tail feather pieces and the head/body was sawdust . I sanded it to fill the gaps, blew off the excess, [CA] glued it in, sanded again, then repeated as necessary. It feels very amateur, but my wife loves it, my kids helped paint and spray on the finish, so I love it too!

    Next up is a few simple ornaments my wife found online, and an Iwo Jima pic for my Dad for Christmas (hopefully I'll finish on time). Found the pattern in a thread and ordered the back issue of the magazine mentioned by RFortier in the 2nd post: I'm nervous and excited about cutting that bad boy!
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    Very nice job. Your kids did a great job painting and finishing it.

    The mahogany look-alike is sapele and the feet are probably oak since ash is not sold very often anymore due to the emerald ash borer problem in the US. Maple is more likely than birch since most birch goes to plywood.

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      Very well done....
      Creator of fine designer sawdust.


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        Fun project - nicely done!
        DeWalt 788


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          Sweeeeet project, I love it..........and the memories of having the family work on the project too is priceless. Thanks for posting your photos.
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            You did a very good job. I don't see any fill in areas. Looks real good to me.
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              Nice looking turkey.


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                lloydf, looks cool. I'd steal the Idea but I'v so much to do. Lance


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                  Great family project now an heirloom. Be sure to sign and date the bottom with the kids Initials too.
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                    Very nice Lloyd!
                    -- Rick --


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