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Segmentation pig - 2nd project

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  • Segmentation pig - 2nd project

    My first project was mostly straight lines, so I enjoyed the new challenge with this one. I'm especially proud of the tail. Couple of knicks and marks on the head but I kind of like them, they add character.

    It's a fairly simple pattern but it helped me play around with sanding pieces to different heights, sanding to shape and create dimension, using carving knives, playing with different Dremel attachments, etc. Plus it gave me a ton of ideas for new tools; my Amazon wishlist is very happy right now.

    I'll be giving this one to the mother-in-law since they have a farm, plus maybe it'll win me some points for Christmas. Still needs a couple of coats of polyurethane, but I'm pretty happy with it.

    Intarsia is up next, then to mix it up I'm thinking of a dollhouse for my daughter or a train/truck for my son.
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    Dewalt 788

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    Nicely done and sounds like you have several projects all lined up. Keep posting those pics.
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      Wow lloydf that is one sweeeeet looking pig, you've certainly got the groove going, good luck with your Intarsia, and please do post some pictures when you get it pictures.
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        Very nice shaping. You're ready to give intarsia a try for sure. Check out some of the Stickies in the Intarsia section. There are some excellent tutorials and challenges for you to try. Welcome to the "Dark Side"



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          Looks like you've got it! Very nice.
          DeWalt 788


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            Well done Lloyd - that's a porker to be proud of!

            Before you give it away don't forget to date and sign the back.

            As to moving over to 'the dark side' with the intarsia freaks. Tthe doors are always open and if you stand too near those arms are gonna grab you and pull you in. But heed a word of warning. Once this crowd have sweet talked you into joining them there'll be no getting way. These folks have no mercy and absolutely no scruples at all!!!

            Jim in Mexico

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              Oink oink lol! That one of the friendliest pigs I've ever seen. Super craftsmanship!!!
              -- Rick --


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                Very nice pig. Good shaping!!
                Mtnman Jim

                taking life as it comes and trying to make the best of it


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                  Very nice for your second project Lloyd. I can see you will really like intarsia. Alot of good folks on this site that can give you lots of help and ideas.


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