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    Years ago, while living in San Antonio, I made a wooden playset with elements to build churches in the style of the ancient Spanish missions. This winter holidays, I finally got around revising my plans and cutting out a new set on my scrollsaw, completely with a box to fit in. So allow me to brag and show off

    some details:

    The middle part with the pieces is cut out of 1/2 in. oak, the lid and bottom out of 1/4 in. The oak came as a plank of 3.5 in. wide for the middle part and 5.5 in. for the 1/4 in. So I made the total 7 in. wide and 5.5 in. deep, and used two pieces of 3.5x5.5 in for the middle. I adjusted the placement of the pieces so they would line up with the crack between the two parts.

    The 'box' is made with a loose top piece held in place with a leather strap that also doubles as a lock when you slide it over the clasp. I know it sounds a bit confusing, but the video might explain it

    Although it has a perfect size for me, some of the pieces are rather small for a kids playset. So for my next version I will make a adjust the size to fit a plank of 1'' pinewood (which is actually 3/4 in. thick but 6'' wide) and some 1/4' ply for top and bottom.

    meanwhile, here are some more pictures:
    resized1.jpg resized2.jpg resized5.jpg resized4.jpg resized3.jpg

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    What a fun project and great idea!
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      Very nice, where do you live now, RJ
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        That is way cute and a fun project.
        ArtCrafters in Dayton, TN


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          Right now I live in the greater Houston area, which is by Texas standards 'next door', meaning you only have to drive 4 hours, 2 of them being the Houston commute. But yea, I miss the old missions. That's why I made this project.


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            This is a really nice project and well designed. Congratulations!
            Jim in Mexico

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