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Race Cars for Toys for Tots

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  • Race Cars for Toys for Tots

    Photo is of a few of the about 60 race cars built for Toys for Tots from a pattern in the magazine. Tried different variations of the pattern until I found a combination I liked. The pattern has 3 pieces of 3/4 layered up for the body. Found that I liked a 3/4 center with 1/2 on each side of the body. Continued to play and found that 1/2 plywood on the sides gave the vehicle some "racing stripes" which I am convinced will help the top speed. Wing was made from various scraps. I think the darker wings give some contrast and help the overall look. Tried different finishes but think I like Walrus Oil Cutting Board finish. Child safe and has some wax in it which helps seal end grain and hold down any miscellaneous fuzzies that you may have missed.

    The 60 cars are about half of the total toys I have donated. Trucks, Airplanes and an assortment of dinosaurs completes the selection.

    Been a tough year out there and I am sure that requests for toys from organizations such as Toys for Tots will be very high. If you haven't built any toys to donate, get into the shop and spend several days building some. Helps empty out the scrap pile and will give you a good feeling will doing a good deed.

    The St Louis Woodworkers Guild did a collection this morning from its members and while I don't know the total number of hand built toys donated, it filled the back of a pickup truck and an SUV. I am pleased to say the Guild has donated more than 74,000 toys to children in the St Louis area since 1994.
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    Wayne thank you for your service. You made a lot of kids happy.
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      Wow! Looks like a lot of fun to be had by kiddos of many ages. Very cool what you all do!
      Linda at


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        Awesome job by you a d your fellow club members. Lots of kids going to love the toys.
        Melanie from East TN


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          The hospitals won’t take the toys Bruce’s club had made. They have 60 doll houses, over 1,000 cars, Angels, doll cradles. I don’t think they figured out what to do with them.

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            Really nice toys, could you post a picture of one them with the plywood side,.
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              ​ Rolf,
              Body is nominal 3/4 poplar, sides are 1/2 baltic birch, pods are poplar, and I believe the wing is cherry. Finish is cutting board oil from Walrus Oil.
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