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    Last week we hit a cold spell, and so my woodworking was limited to sitting indoors behind the computer making new plans. So I went and made some drawings for a plane that has been a favorite of mine ever since I saw a picture of it in a library book back in Belgium.

    This weekend temperatures got back to a cozy Texas November, which is about like May in every other part of the country. So I started getting the wood ready. This is as far as I got. Looking forward to next weekend.

    Ps, Rolf, this is what I meant with a flat sided toy aircraft, although this one ended up a bit more extravagant with three engines and such. I have a some plans for simpler one-engined ones if you are interested.
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    Looking forward to the finished plane.
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      It reminds me of the Fokker tri motor. I also look forward to the finished plane.
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        I looked at the Fokker Tri-motor but with the way it's engines are suspended between the wings and the fuselage, it gets complicated quickly. However now you got me thinking, so who knows. A Fokker F.VII might be my next project.


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          In the meantime, here is my Italian tri-Motor ready to get a coat of finishing. I found that 1/8 in thickness for the hardwood accents is a bit of overkill. So may be leave that out in the final version or otherwise make the next model 50% bigger ànd use 1/2 in caftwood instead of the 1/4 I am using now. In the meantime I already have one plane to add to my collection


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