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  • Gift for Benji

    This has also been posted on the other two forums, sorry if I am repeating myself to some of you.

    I finished this name train today and it will be delivered tomorrow. The wood is red oak and it was from a tree that fell down in a neighbors yard about 4 years ago, someone slabbed it and it was in pretty bad shape. I ran it throught my drum sander to flatten one side then went to the planer to thickness it to just under 3/4 inch. I applied 2 coats of Watco oil and then our friend Rattle Can Lacquer. Benji's birthday was put on the caboose using vinyl letters, the finished piece is about 40 inches long. We hope the next baby our friends have will be named something like Al or Tom.

    This is a variation of one of Steve Good's patterns---Thank you Steve.

    Just because the circus left town, doesn't mean the Monkey's off your back

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    Well done.I have been doing the same thing for my neighbors.After I take a picture of their house I add their names to it on the sidewalk.I don't give them a picture of it when I give it to them.They are really surprised when they get it together.
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