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simple pinewood seaplanes

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  • simple pinewood seaplanes

    Here are three simple semi-scale seaplanes from the 1920's I an currently making for a church fair silent auction. The pictures show them being cut but not yet sanded. At present they are halfway sanded and glued together. Will probably finish sanding and waking them this evening after work.
    The planes are cut from 1/2 in. Pinewood with some 1/4 in. For the props and tailplanes. The 'cylinders' are made from 3/8 dowels or rather cut from a 3/8 basswood rod I still had laying around with my paper kite stuff. The props are fastened with a no.6 woodscrew and I will use another no.6 screw to fasten the wings to the fuselage.
    All three models together Junkers F-13 on floats The two-person Junkers A-20 sportsplane

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    Monday evening: Sanded and waxed. Tuesday evening: Some glamour shots in the last sunlight. This evening: Drop them off at church office for this weekends parish fair. In the meantime, here are some pics of my dilapidated garden
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      Looks like you are ready to fly.
      ArtCrafters in Dayton, TN


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        Those are great looking planes. I’m sure they fetched a great price at the auction.


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