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Washers for 1/4" axles

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  • Washers for 1/4" axles

    For those of you who make, or want to make wheeled toys.

    The common wood axles supplied for wheels with 1/4" holes are actually 7/32". If, like me, you want use a washer behind the wheel you may find 7/32" washers to be hard to find. A 1/4" will work, but it is a bit loose. A 6 mm washer is exactly the size needed and most of the big box home centers will carry them.

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    I have been using plastic, recycled from water jugs(1 gallon). Either as a washer or as a shim for spacing. Just something to chew on.


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      Rolf, you did a fantastic job on that cross, It is much more intricate than the Nativity cross. I will have to order that pattern as well. Thanks for sharing.

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    • RJweb
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      Very nice cutting, I have done that pattern and gave it to my va dr for her office, RJ
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      Nice work on both of them! Sue has such an amazing selection. Here is another of her designs, I reduced it from the original size. Baltic birch ply on Walnut backer.
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