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  • Child's Name Train

    Finally finished my Granddaughters train. Engine and Caboose made from untreated 2x4, the rest from Aspen. Cut partially on the band saw and some with a scroll saw. Letters are 2 1/2 " high, overall length is 39". Paint is non-toxic.

    Now I've got no projects in work. So...I'm creating a fretwork pattern I call "Courting Tigers." I really like the idea so I hope the pattern meets my expectations.
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    That's a great looking train, Mike, and a great idea. Now I know what to make my nephew for his birthday!

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      I love it. Will make her very happy.
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        Now that's just kewl ! Good job
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          Very nicely done, Mike - i wish someone had made one of those for me when i was a kid - though the train would have been a lot shorter

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            Very nice Mike,
            I am sure your Grandaughter will be very happy.
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              Mike, very, very nice. Lucky Granddaughter.
              Mick, - Delta P-20

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                Very nice! Now I'll have to make something like that for my grandson.

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                  That's adorable.

                  If I already didn't have something in mind for my niece and nephew for their birthdays, I just might have had to make one for them.
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