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  • Bragging of a different sort

    I am president of the Jax Woodworkers Club and this last Saturday we had our annual toy giveaway. We have 65 members and they made over 1900 toys for ten sevice organizations here in Jacksonville that deal with children. One of our members is 91 and he made 70 toys. The photo shows just a sampling of the toys.

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    That's great. The toys are sure to brighten the eyes of a few youngsters this Christmas. It's nice to see there are still good people in the world.

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      Earlinjax -

      Now that's certainly a find thing to brag about! Congratulations to you and all concerned.

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        You have captured the true meaning of Christmas, giving from the heart!! You and your woodworking club members are to be commended!! You are an inspiration to us all!

        Cathy in Ne
        Cathy in NE

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          Bless you, and all the other woodworkers who contributed.

          Happy & Healthy Holidays


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            What a wonderful thing to do, It looks like your group worked very hard to make a lot of children happy.


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              That is a lot of toys and a lot of work towards a good cause. You and the others are to be commended - just show's how a relatively small number of people can make a difference to a lot of people - very inspiring ..

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                Bless you and the Jax Woodworkers Club!

                It just doesn't get any better then this!!!

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                  I'm going to show this to our club. We have 110 members and made just over 700 toys this year. Two years ago we did over 1600 and Midwest Living did a short article about us last year. Need to get a fire lit under our guys.
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