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Compound cut VW Beetle

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  • Compound cut VW Beetle

    Some earlier posts got me thinking that the wooden Beetle cars I have seen so far all missed the characteristic Beetle sidespats.... and before I knew it, I was already making plans to build a vintage VW Beetle -with sidespats- as a coupound cut. I ended up making two demonstration models, all about 2 1/2 x 1 inch approx. Look fine so far, but the next version definitely gets cut out wheels.
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    Cool! How did you do it? With the front and back profile the wheels would be connected... how did you get the piece out between the wheels?


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      I basically cut them out of one block of wood (Actually I glued two 1/2 in. strips together with a little 1/8 strip of dark wood in the middle for detail.) Below are the plans I drew up. I made them from 3-view blueprints of the original beetle I found on the internet ( - The largest free blueprint collection on the Internet) Right now they are still a bit scetchy as most of the how-to and what-goes-first only exists in my head. I'll keep working on it however.

      The images are 200 pixels wide, so on a 100dpi printer they would fit a 2x2x2.5in. block of wood (like a leftover piece of 2-by-4). I printed them on half scale for a 1x1x1_1/4 block with the middle stripe glued in.

      more to follow as I make another demo model later this weekend.

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        So how is this project coming along. Need updates...<grin>
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          nice job ,would not thought one could do that. Lance


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            Little uodate: In the three months since, I made several more designs and ended up with so many cars I had to post them in a separate gallery. (Compound Cut Cars - Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Photo Gallery) In particular the family of Chevy vans/trucks/pickups turned out pretty nice. If I ever get good enough with Inkscape I'll start posting plans


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              Sweeeeet cuts Ennobee
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                I really like the racing stripe.



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