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Wooden toy garage

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  • Wooden toy garage

    Not made with the scrollsaw, but wanted to show it anyway. Made for a twin who turned 3 last sunday, requested by their mother. The garage was ordered in clear lacquer, so had to use as little screws and nails as possible because they would keep showing.
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    He is going to love it. Nice job.
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      Is that a car elevator? I like your design.
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        nice job, he's going to love it!
        but I think it needs some color to really set it off....

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          Originally posted by Rolf View Post
          Is that a car elevator?
          Yes it is, the 2 sides have a vertical slot in them. I glued a strip on the sides of the elevatorcar, so it goes up and down, not from side to side.

          Originally posted by Rolf View Post
          I like your design.
          I have not made a pattern, but can give you rough on the key elements if you are interested. Because it was build for twin brothers and the fact that they have an older brother I wanted to create something on every side of the garage to play. That way they don't have to fight over the same space. That's why the elevator, carwash, showroom, gasstation and ramps are positioned on different sides.

          Originally posted by Trout View Post
          but I think it needs some color to really set it off....
          The mother of the twin wanted it in clear lacquer, so it was by customers request. Paint would have been easier because is gives the opportunity to use screws and fill the holes, because the paint will cover it.


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