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Useless contraption

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  • Useless contraption

    my first try at wooden automata turned out pretty good and sounds niice!
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    I like that. Can you share the pattern?
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      I love it
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        thnx everyone i would share the patten but unforuantly i made it all as i went so scraps and bits of things from around the house, but it was very simple to make i used Gear stamps from photoshop to make the gears and the rest was what i had but thnx for the support


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          Useless you say?? Looks like a first class bell ringer -- and a very nice one to boot! You can use it to summons your breakfast in bed. LOL
          Mtnman Jim

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            That does something reasonable.

            These do not, but I laughed uncontrollably the first time I saw it.
            The Most Useless Machine EVER! - YouTube
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              Originally posted by mtnman View Post
              Useless you say?? Looks like a first class bell ringer -- and a very nice one to boot! You can use it to summons your breakfast in bed. LOL

              haha very true i shall re-name it Almost-Useless Contraption


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                Very nice indeed - like the other Jim I can see a good use for it. Hows about a big brother version to mount on your bicycle to warn folks to keep out of your way?
                Sorry, but definitely not useless - LOL!
                Jim in Mexico

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                  I love it, sorry I didn't design it, always wanted to be an inventor.
                  Thanks for sharing.
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                    Way cool nice work.Jerry
                    Don't worry be scrolling


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                      Nicely done....
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                        Very nice, not useless at all. Bigger version could make an excellent doorbell.

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                          Great job, thanks for sharing the pictures


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                            That's just terrific. Well done.

                            Of course, the most famous (non-scrolled!) example is the Eame's example from the Fifties.

                            We need more Do-Nothing Machines!!

                            Except they make us laugh... that's something!!!
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