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  • Trains for Girls

    G'day all,
    Just had these picked up.
    I was extremely pleased at how they came out. I don't normally make stock trains in girl colours, because they sit and sit, so these where a special order.
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    "The Golden Mile"John Wayne
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    very nice.
    Pacifism is great, as long as everyone is participating.


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      Now those are extra sweeeet JohnB, are those screws for the wheel hubs?
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        There just too cute! good job JohnB....Lance


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          Those are cutier than a bug in a rug!!! Great color scheme and paint job...I hope those lit'l gals will luv and enjoy them for years to come!!! Great, great job!
          ~ Kim

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            They are sweet aye, and great colour combo's, and finish.
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              Thanks Steve

              WD......... mate you sure know how to give a blokes ego a boost
              The whos-a-whats-its, holding the wheels on are wooden axle pegs. I stand a heap of them up in a board that I've drilled with 3/8" holes and spray them gold using an enamel pressure pac.

              G'day Lance, thanks. a lot

              Kim, I had fun painting these as I don't usually do them for little girls. I liked the touch of the names that their Grandmother wanted. I cut those from 3mm MDF, sprayed them gold and fitted them in place super glue.

              Sunlion, I had fun putting the colours together. Thanks.
              "The Golden Mile"John Wayne
              Some of my Stuff
              Retired Medically Unfit Police Officers ***.


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                Beautiful job as usual John. I love the colors.

                A day without sawdust is a day without sunshine.

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                  They look like fun! Good for grandma for thinking outside the box!
                  DeWalt 788


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                    Those are darling! love the colours!!




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                      Now what little girl wouldn't want to play with those???
                      They look like alot of fun.....more circus animals and they got a game going that will keep them busy for hours.

                      Where did ya get that pattern? I 'd love to have it.


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                        Those are beyond cute, John, and your paint job is just fantastic! If you lived closer, I'd buy one in a minute. And I usually don't like girly-girl stuff!

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                          That is a great looking train.

                          It's all fun
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                            John, let me tell you a story: A few years ago I was standing in an aircraft hangar talking with Eileen Collins after she had come back from giving a flying lesson to a fellow who wanted to learn how to fly a particular antique airplane. While we were standing there talking, a gentleman walked up with a little girl who appeared to be about 9. He told the little girl to tell Eileen what her father had told her which was "girls can't fly".
                            Eileen grinned, said let's see about that and took the girl for a ride in the antique plane. The child had the ride of her life........ you see, Eileen Collins was the first female pilot of the space shuttle and the first female shuttle mission commander. She told the girl to go home and tell him he was wrong. Girls could do anything they wanted.

                            Just because we're "girls" doesn't mean we don't love to play with cars, trucks, planes, either toys or real ones.

                            Love ya


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                              Nice train, good job.


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