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1982 Scania Truck 1/10 scale

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  • 1982 Scania Truck 1/10 scale

    Hello All,

    This is my first post. Wanted to show you the Scania truck I just finished from one of Richard Blizzard's book. It is 1/10 scale. It measures 26"L x 10.25"W x 14" H.



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    like they say in that commercial: That's Amazing!
    i really like the attention to the details, i can not imagine how many hours you put in that.
    really nice truck


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      Very nice, I like the detail and the fit and finish. Well done!!!
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        That is a totally AWESOME truck!!! WOW!

        Nancy in AZ
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          Very impressive!
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            Nicely done.

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              Very nice, Bret. Impressive!
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                Welcome to the board! And very impressive work!!

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                  Welcome WOW ,very nice! How long did it take to make? Lance


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                    Welcome to the group.Some mighty fine work there,your attention to detail is awesome.


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                      Bret, that is one fine truck. You are an engineer when it comes to detail. Very nice finish too. Welcome to the forum.


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                        I am impressed, nice work.

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                          Thank you guys for all the great comments. Lance I don't have an exact hour but I would say around 250 hours. I started it on June 12th and finished last Thurs Dec 1st. Almost 6 months. My latest project is a steam freight train. I can post pics in progress if any one is interested.



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                            Very nice, lots of detail which I like to include on my projects.


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                              Hello all

                              I am most certainly not someone who would use a scroll saw, I happened upon this thread from a search engine of 'Richard Blizzard Scania'.
                              My reason for visiting? During the 80s as a child, my dad made me the Scania 142e, complete with flat back trailer. He added working leaf springs, and rudimentary lights, Scania paint scheme, etc.
                              He then made the fork lift truck to which he added working lift gear.
                              He then made, from nothing more than the Scania drawings and some brochures, a scale model of a Foden single axle unit, complete with low loader trailer for the FLT.

                              As a child I didn't really understand the significance of what he'd made for me, and proceeded to play with these as though they were of equivalent strength to my Tonka toys. They weren't.
                              Subsequently they succumbed to their fair share of knocks and bangs.

                              I have recently recovered these from a dusty loft, with the intention of bringing them back to some form of former glory. Once I work out how to load pictures to this reply I will add some for your honest opnion.

                              BTW to the original poster, that's a lovely truck.


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