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  • Carved golf balls

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    Re: Carved golf balls

    I have carved only a few my self,but all i do is ,give it a light coat of satin clear then paint, then shoot satin agin, just like i do stick spirits.
    Treeline is selling a new booklet now By Justin Jepsen 'The Carving Range' 48 pges. on start to finishish of 4 golfballs . I plan on getting this book myself.


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      Re: Carved golf balls

      Captain - Ivan Whillock has an article in the November 2000 issue of 'Creative Woodworks & Crafts.' As best I can tell from reading it he just used oil paints. It was a face and he put a base coat of flesh paint on the whole carving and went from there.

      I tried a couple balls when the article came out but it was just too intricate for my pocket knife. Just got my Stubai palm tools today so am going to give it another go. Live by the golf course so have an almost unlimited supply. I find more than even I can lose.


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          Re: Carved golf balls

          I had a heck of a time cutting it in half. Any suggestions?
          Jim McKinney


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            Re: Carved golf balls

            I put it in a vice and carefully cut around it with a hack saw. Had to rotate it several times to get all the way around. Just barely cut through the cover. Once you have it cut all the way around just work a screwdriver under half of the cover. Work it around the ball and the cover will come right off. Careful with the screwdrive it can go just as deep in your hand as a gouge.


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              Re: Carved golf balls

              Thanks. The first time I tried it I had a heck of a time cutting clear through with a knife. Finally got it done though. Those hides are tough. Can anyone tell me what brand of golf balls produce what color of center?
              Jim McKinney


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                Re: Carved golf balls

                Not I, but I can tell you that the core color will vary not only by brand, but by models within a particular brand. For instance: Top Flight XL, Top Flight XL 2000 Extra Long, Top Flight XL 2000 Exceptional Spin and on and on and on.


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                    Re: Carved golf balls

                    O.K. Folks got up early this morn and made a tour of the golf course hunting lost balls. Brought them back the the shop and got to cutting. Here's what I've got so far, but be advised I do not have normal color perception. Not color blind, just don't always see colors exactly as they are.

                    Top Flite XL3000 Super Long - Blue
                    Top Flite Strata Tour 90 - light green
                    Top Flite XL2000 Extra Long - Pink
                    Top Flite XL2000 Aero Extra Carry - Pink
                    Top Flite XL Pure Distance More Carry - Grey
                    Top Flite Tour 100 - Light greenish blue
                    Top Flite XL Tour Trajectory - Blue
                    Top Flite XL3000 Super Straight - Grey
                    Top Flite XL Ti Titanium Extreme 100 - Blue
                    Wilson Ultra Tour Titanium Straight Distance - Pink
                    Wilson Pro-Staff Tour Accuracy - Blue
                    Wilson Pro-Staff Performance Spin - Blue
                    Wilson Ultra Tour Titanium Straight Distance - Pink (very thick cover)
                    Wilson Smart Core Professional Distance - Brownish Grey
                    Wilson Rely7Gcr - Light Yellow
                    Wilson Ultra 432 - White
                    Dunlop Advanced Ti Distance - Orange
                    Dunlop DDH Distance 110 - Grey
                    Titleist DT90 and DT100 - Wound (rubber bands)
                    Titleist HP2 90 - Blue
                    Titleist Pro V1 392 - Purple
                    Titleist DT Distance - White
                    Titanium M2 Maximum Distance - Grey

                    That's the fruits of my labor for the morning. Be aware, some of these balls are on the pricey side, upwards of $40 a dozen.

                    Some golf courses and golf driving ranges sell used balls for around 50 to 75 cents each. Also, Wal-Mart sells used balls by the dozen (don't know the price) and they very likely will have a mix of colors.


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                      Re: Carved golf balls

                      Hey FatEddy, you must have taken a lot of time to make that discovery. Thanks a lot for a lot of work done to save me the trouble of exploring. Also they would probably shoot me if they saw me on the driving range stealing different golf balls. I hope you get to carve all those you cut. It would take me more than a day to collect and cut all those. I will save this list you gave us. Thanks again.
                      Jim McKinney


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                        Re: Carved golf balls

                        Well, they're not exactly carvable anymore ... I didn't exactly take my time when I cut them.


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                          Re: Carved golf balls

                          Ok, well we really appreciate all the work you went to. I hope to get to carve all the colors you found. However if you paint the whole thing I guess it wouldn't matter what color the center was.
                          Jim McKinney


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                            Re: Carved golf balls

                            Why paint them at all?
                            The ones I've carved, I leave the natural color. Except for the eyes, and a little color on the lips and cheeks. I use acrylics for that. I find most people don't know the cores are colored, and they get a kick out of the different colors. It adds to the golf balls personality. 8)


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                              Re: Carved golf balls

                              Hey FatEddy,
                              Thanks for the list of colors. It'll come in handy.
                              It's a shame you couldn't save any of the 'little guys' for carving.


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