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Painting and glueing scrollwork

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  • Painting and glueing scrollwork

    This question has to do with painting scroll work and glueing.

    Those that paint their scrollwork, do you paint it before you glue?? Or do you glue and then paint?? Basically the question is designed around layer work or box making and things of this nature. What type glue do you use and if it is a brand what number or formula is it?? I usually do not paint my work but I have recently made a few projects that have various layers and I want to use a painted backboard on them and thus the question. Thanks in advance.
    John T.

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    Sometimes to achieve the results desired on scrollwork I do paint, and when I need to I definitely do so before glue up. It keeps the seams clean and you don't have to worry about stray brush strokes. I don't however paint the areas I intend on applying the glue to. I only paint the surfaces which will be exposed which in turn leaves bare naked wood for glue adhesion. I've tried several glues, experimenting frequently, but have no distinct favorite.
    Linda at


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      When painting is required I paint with water based paint before assembly. I wait no less then 24 hours before assembly and weather permitting I will put the painted piece outside to aid in drying. For gluing I use titebond 2 or Gorilla brand wood glue. When gluing made sure you cover the entire contact area and not just spots. I also use a lot of spring clamps and allow to dry over night.
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